tattered skirt

This wonderfully tattered and incredibly fragile antique dress arrived last week.  All the silk is shattered, but beautifully shattered – almost as though it’s transforming itself.

tattered antique lawn gown

lawn gown  detail


  1. It always amazes me that you find these fragile yet so full of life and character objects living and breathing their own existence. But then with your magic touch they get a new life that is full of whimsical imagination and play! Bravo!

  2. That is gorgeous, as if from a dream! The way you utilize these fabrics is fascinating to me. Funny: living in the South, when I read your subject title I saw “Taters” at first…

  3. That would be so beautiful as just a sculptural hanging to watch the shadows of it on the wall.

  4. Where do you find these? I wouldn’t even know where to look.

  5. Kreisk -Taters! That cracked me up. Gerae – I find them all over and searching for them is a huge part of the joy of this for me – I go to antique clothing shows once in a while and fleamarkets all the time. I have a couple dealers I work with and ebay is great – I got this one on ebay.
    Xandra – “dissipates” is perfect.

  6. Beautiful! I am still captured by the ship on the petticoats image earlier–shipwrecked on frothy shoals. I have a funky metal homemade 2 masted ship that I may shipwreck on a mass of ruffled petticoats shoals I own!

  7. We have a common point………this dress is an exemple. the next week and for 15 comments, I shall say the story of an old dress( 80 years old) the dress is a long project for my daughter, she can read in the dress like in a book the passed time and seing the familial tree. 5 generations of women.
    thanks from your blog, I like it and read it every day!Anne

  8. How exquisite….its just so gorgeous!!
    It reminds me of how I envisioned Miss Havisham’s wedding-gown to be when I first read, ‘Great Expectations’.


  9. really beautiful; the way it seems to be disappearing into the air below. a dress lost to time.

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