deconstructed gown

girl in progressI’ m making some one of a kind fancy girls from this antique  ball gown. I used most of the large sections of lace for the pip and estella set and it’s almost gone. Now I’m using the chiffon and appliqueing  tiny motifs I cut from the lace that is too damaged to use.

lace detail

The under skirt of that gown was kind of a surprise, after several days of soaking years of grayness away  it’s a beautiful pale pink and blue  floral tulle. I’m making a little  troupe of blue ballerinas from it.

blue underskirt

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  1. My, what detailed work, applying the tiny bits. It will make a beautifully textured bird!

  2. Your work is breathtaking and I am truly in awe of your creations. Thanks for showing a little bit of the creation, somehow it makes seeing the end product even more magical…as in it just didn’t appear…those little bits of lace made something fabulous. Gushing…sorry should have just said..Love your work!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  3. I am fascinated by what you can make out of old fabric and lace, your imagination has no boundaries and I am pleasantly surprised by your creativity.

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