taking pictures

It did get a bit brighter yesterday for picture taking but I still needed a little artificial enhancement so I invested a total of about 15 minutes and 8 bucks in putting together a sort of simple light box I found at Make. I used drafting velum instead of interfacing and I had one florescent bulb and one incandescent ( wish I had two florescent) which were clipped on either side. I would have shown you the clip lights ( which I already had) but that would have meant taking a wider shot and revealing some embarrassing disarray here in birdville.


Here are a couple bird portraits taken in the box:

This is the daily bird abra


and nan. She’ll be in the shop at one.

Pretty simple and it made the difference in being able to take at least acceptable pictures on a lousy day in a place where I’m already kind of light challenged particularly in the afternoon.


  1. oh the 2 in the light box are just so sweet looking. they seem to be shyly saying hello to us all.

  2. I have admired your little creations for quite a while now. They all are just so sweet. The photos taken in your new light box are really wonderful! They have a professional feel to them. I’ll keep checking in, and admiring!

  3. Nice trick with the light box.

    That’s really clever.

    I think even I could manage that.

  4. Thanks for all the links! I’ve almost bought a “professional” version of this several times. Now I don’t have to.

  5. First of all I must say that I love yor birds, they are very special, I like very much how you use the textiles and fabrics!
    Thank you very very much for the Make link, I didn`t knew this site!!!!!

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