stitching owls and birds in prospect park

hand stitched owl

get the sewing patterns:

a pdf dastardly owl sewing pattern      songbird sewing pattern

September first was an excellent day for sewing outside. I spent most of the afternoon hand stitching in Prospect Park.  I should do it more often, it’s always lovely. I worked on owls and finished a new songbird.

handmade songbird

mr. gunderson owl

The lambs in pants came too, they read, explored, drank sweet tea and napped all afternoon, the way lambs like to (P.S. the tiny quilt was a gift – it’s spectacular – thank you CP!).

lamb picnic

On the way out of the park I wanted one more photo – the lamb with his book and satchel. The little yellow satchel is special – I love it and it was my plan to never part with it.  When I looked for it among my bags of packed up things it was nowhere. I searched furiously, unpacking everything and realized it was officially gone. Out in the world all alone. It was breezy, it had been quite a while since I packed up and I was far away from where I had been sitting so it seemed pretty hopeless.  Walking back to the original spot seemed like a waste of time and I was already late. But I did it anyway.  And there it was. Undisturbed on the grass under the tree looking especially tiny.  It was a tiny satchel miracle.

tiny satchel

lamb ragdoll

Wishing you a lovely weekend and a Happy September,


  1. Always love reading your posts. How wonderful the yellow satchel waited for your return instead of going home with someone else. ♥️

  2. I look forward to all your posts, always so interesting watching your creatures come alive, all made with such beautiful fabrics! Thank goodness you found the little satchel, it really is special.

    • Thanks Marilyn – I made it from a tiny scrap I loved – a vintage print. So wish I had more – one of my all time favorites.

  3. What a wonderful story. Read like a modern day fairy tale. A happy ending.

    • Thanks Nancy – I wonder what would have become of that tiny little bag all alone in the big city………

  4. Oh, so glad you found that lovely wee satchel to hold the lovely lamb’s book! What a wonderful place to spend your day creating … do you have many people stopping by to ask questions and admire your work?

  5. Sally Hirst

    What a lovely idea – to stitch outside, and to take your companions. Reading your post I was mortified, then relieved. The satchel (I love that word) is very special. Your work delights me Ann, thank you for sharing it.

  6. I sooooo enjoyed your post, Ann! Lovely stitching, great tale too!
    Wow CJ’ s tiny little quilt! I do so love the tiniest stitching!
    Oh, the horror and the joy! Glad you didn’t loose that cute sachel!
    Waiting for your next post with bated breath.
    Barbara x

  7. When I see your posts I get all nostalgic for New York City. I moved to the west coast 18 years ago and your blog captures what I most miss about my place of birth. Looking at your photos, I can forget all the less positive aspects of city life and remember the best of it. And I love your art. I don’t comment much but I look forward to your blog posts. Thank you.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous tale and was that a teeny tiny book in the found satchel ? I do wonder where that little satchel would have ended up and with whom, The Tale of the Satchel Lost in Prospect Park , it’s a children’s best seller.
    Your posts are glorious thankyou so much Xxxxxx

  9. Love the detail on the owl’s feathers! And the wee sachel – I’ve no doubt the wee scholar was trying to lose it on purpose…his personal protest about going back to school!

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