stitchbook : day 83 update – we are in the homestretch

fabric book pages appliqued and stitched

Today is day 83 in the hundred day stitchbook project. Page 17 is the current page. I can’t wait to assemble the book. Some stuff has to be figured out first, most importantly:

Will the pages be chronological?

When I began I thought I would assemble the book with the pages in the order I stitched them. Now I’m leaning toward my pages not being in chronological order, instead arranging them  in whatever order I like. Some of the pages seem to belong together and I like the idea of seeing them side by side when the book is spread open. That decision lead me to the next decision about designing a cover and back.

day 82

There are only 4 pages left to stitch – 17 is in progress now. I’ve decided to make it the cover page and it’s going to be super simple. A couple appliques and then 100 marks/stitches.
One of the other remaining pages will be the back cover. I haven’t decided on a design yet but it will also probably be pretty spare and simple and use the same background fabric as the cover.

The  remaining pages will be approached as the first 16 pages were – experimental, improvisational.

A large part of the value of this project has been getting somewhere I did not plan to go. That’s the huge benefit of a daily art practice. Stuff turns up.


There are tons of people stitching pages (I’m super surprised and pleased and excited about that!) and I’ve shared a few below.

1. @lobostitched

2. @prairiewomanarts

3. @teresacass

4. @harpdollz59


5. @artcat237

A special over achiever award goes to @shmataboro – she has stitched 60 pages! And they are fabulous.

60 stitched pages

You can find tons more on instagram by searching #annwoodstitchbook. If you’d like to email me a photo you can send it to me at info at ann wood handmade dot com.

Are you stitching along? Are your pages going to be chronological?  Please let us know in the comments.




  1. I am still stitching pages
    Loving this process so much

  2. kathy dorfer

    I agree with you about the chronological . last nite I thought
    the same thing that maybe I would rearrange them . also
    like the idea of making the cover simpler and the back cover plain .
    2 pages to go. this has been a great project . it has given me ideas
    on how to finish some of my larger projects .

  3. Sheryl McGettigan

    I did have to rearrange as I wasn’t thinking as I was planning my design out, that some pages were going to end up in places I didn’t plan on. So I had completed pages thinking they would correspond and they didn’t. Oh well! I am still going to love it.

  4. I am still stitching away, unsure how many pages I’ve completed… and I’ve lost track of the chronological order, so I’ll be leaning into the whole “who seems to want to be together?” framework when it’s time to assemble!

  5. Amy Hafko

    I’m having fun stitching along and using up scraps and little bits. I have been sewing with embroidery floss, as I have lots of that too. I can alter the thickness of the stitch depending on how much I want them to show. A great project to sit in the evening and relax.

  6. Lindy Lou

    I love your 100 page stitchbook project. I want to make one now.

  7. Bonjour,
    Je fais des livres sur des thèmes : fleurs réelles ou imaginaires, oiseaux,… Dans ces cas je mets les pages sans classement sauf si je découvre des correspondances de couleurs ou de matières.
    Par contre mon livre au sujet de l’époque Covid avait bien sûr une chronologie.
    Merci pour les inspirations que vous nous offrez.
    Marie Christine

  8. Valerie

    I’m secretly stitching along with you and finishing up page 17 today. I love the discipline of a five day limit for each page, discovering that creativity does not only depend upon a lengthy investment of time and that even limited embellishments can produce surprising results. Once this challenge is completed I will integrate this practice into my textile works in order to keep my ideas fresh and flowing.
    Thank you Ann and all of you fellow stitchers contributing and sharing.

  9. I am stitching with you too and enjoying it immensely! I have thought about making the front and back differently and appreciate your sharing your idea. I think I will try using a little heavier fabric or maybe interfacing to make them sturdier. My page order will be random!

  10. Titi Walter

    Beautiful and inspiring work.It’s all about commitment, but also to let you art flow.Thank you so much . Ann.

  11. angie Kelly

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for highlighting my stitchings. This makes my heart happy beyond belief. Honestly, from my heart, Thank you
    It’s been so much fun.

  12. This is really lovely. After I make a few more scrappy pouches, I’m going to try doing this. Thanks for sharing your lovely art.

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