songbird work, a spider and a seedpod

songbird work

songbird beaks and legs

I’m working on a little group of songbirds – some made from Japanese garment fragments and 2 from Edwardian garments.  Their beaks are carved from twigs collected over the summer and their legs are paper mache over wire.  Hoping to have all 6 finished and photographed for next week.  The commitment to add new things to the shop every Thursday has been a good push so far – a good sort of pressure.

And a couple newly finished things  – both are in the shop now along with rag doll #1 – a hand stitched botanical experiment and a bustled spider.

botanical experiment : seedpod

botanical experiment : seedpod

botanical experiment : seedpod

bustled spider

bustled spider

Don’t go away mad little spider – just go away.


  1. Ann, that seed pod is achingly beautiful. The photography style you use is a lot of it, I know.

  2. Dawn Brick

    I’m really impressed by your beautiful botanical expression. I must do one; you’ve inspired me.

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