so long 2014

One more post for 2014, and on one of my favorite subjects – the magical occurence of an unexpected package at my door. A surprise from Sri Threads.

sri textiles


srie textiles

I love every bit of it and I have a sort of ceremonious way of opening these packages – I go slow- each thing revealing itself, my wheels start to turn and the generosity and thoughtfulness wash over me.  It’s such a beautiful  gift. I’m planning some new botanical experiments inspired by this sheer saffron net- and already made  a few new toadstools – the last of the year. I see owls and songbirds too.

sri toadstool

I hope 2014 was good to you and wish you the best in the brand  new year.


  1. Happy almost 2015 Ann! Just read about you in Victoria Magazine and LOVE what you do.

    Thanks for inspiring me!!

    Tina W.

    • Hi Ann, living ‘down under’ in sunny Melbourne, Australia. I didn’t find the time last year to make your beautiful white boats so my goal this year is to be very creative and complete this project. I know my daughter will love to hang them in her little girl Sabine’s room.
      I love receiving your emails and will enjoy reading the blogs. Keep inspiring me!
      Regards, Di

  2. Hello Ann: It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog. You are a beautiful artist. Every time I see your work, I feel the need to create something ( I feel a bit impotent, I have to confess, because you are so talented !). Someday I will transform that energy in something beautiful too, I hope so.

    Have a great 2015!!!


  3. Yipeeee!! This is great news, Ann!! Looking forward to more of your great work, and many thanks for your continued generosity in sharing your creative process with us. It’s so inspirational but also just plain fun.

    Bring it on!


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