shop update tomorrow


All the little birds in the photo will be available at 2 PM EST tomorrow. Since most of what I make is one of a kind or in tiny quantities I’ve had problems with over-selling which is frustrating for everybody. I’m having a new shop built that can accommodate one of a kind things and will hopefully make shop updates far less of a pain in the ass in general but it won’t be ready till mid December. For now I’ll be listing little birds ( and some other things) at etsy. You will need to register with etsy to make a purchase – it’s quick and easy – just a user name and password. I’ll still be accepting credit cards through Paypal ( no account necessary ). The cake toppers are still here and I’ll be adding a couple new bride and groom sets on Friday November 2nd at 2PM.

So new birds, tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th, at my etsy shop. I’ll start loading them at 2PM EST.


  1. They are such a sweet grouping! 🙂 You always photograph your creations so pleasingly…

  2. Ahh your birds are just delicious!! One day I HOPE to own one of them.
    I’ve just been to your Etsy shop and hearted your shop for future, (allthingspretty)… the pirate magnets are so cute, it’s a great idea to make other things too from your birds….cards would be great too perhaps?
    Keep up the unique work 🙂

  3. The birds are just gorgeous Ann, all with their own unique expressions-
    I see pensive, surprised, inquisitive, tentative, self assured.
    Love the way you’ve styled the photo also.

  4. hi ann, I am an admirer of your work and have been eyeing for them for quite sometimes. However, living in Asia is making me really sad because by the time I log it first thing in my morning, they are always sold out.

    Is there a way I could order one from you?


  5. That is such an adorable photograph maybe you should think about greeting cards for your etsy shop as well?

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