shop update

There are a few new birds in the shop.

This update is a little different so please be sure to read the descriptions. I’ll also be adding a few new birds to my etsy shop tomorrow, 2/29 at 2PM EST. I’ll also be listing some one of a kind birds on etsy , as the spirit moves me, over the next week or so.

And something new in progress – really just beginning.



  1. I saw the nice article about you in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion. Congratulations! Love your work!

  2. Ann… you are WAY loved!

    all of you successful gals… who have one… do spill the beans! okay seriously! help!
    I am one of tons who SO want one!

    i think I am pretty fast! refreshed the page… a new bird would pop up… quickly added it… really quickly…clicked to continue… no longer available… just like that! FAST! I feel like throwing myself on the ground in a three year old tantrum! help! what is the secret!

  3. Carissa I feel your pain…I have been checking the site since January hoping to obtain even one little bird. I’m just hoping my turn will come next time!!!

  4. Ann, Your birdies – they make me want to pick them up in my hands and just cuddle them! What a delicate, sweet touch you have! They remind me of the sugary little marshmallow peeps candy so familiar at Easter time!

    Diane Knott

  5. Jill Cooper

    Ann, congratulations! I just read the article in Home Companion about you. Just love your birds – I’m a bird nut! One of these days I’ll get to your shop at the right time when you still have a bird in it for sale LOL

  6. I enjoyed seeing your article in The Home Companion and your darling creations! All the best

  7. even your WIP’s are delightful!

    Warm wishes for a happy spring day from Emily
    in Norway

  8. Wow – a whole flock of your beautiful birds! i like the white ones with small floral accents.

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