shop update

There are a few new birds in the shop.

This update is a little different so please be sure to read the descriptions. I’ll also be adding a few new birds to my etsy shop tomorrow, 2/29 at 2PM EST. I’ll also be listing some one of a kind birds on etsy , as the spirit moves me, over the next week or so.

And something new in progress – really just beginning.



  1. Ann… you are WAY loved!

    all of you successful gals… who have one… do spill the beans! okay seriously! help!
    I am one of tons who SO want one!

    i think I am pretty fast! refreshed the page… a new bird would pop up… quickly added it… really quickly…clicked to continue… no longer available… just like that! FAST! I feel like throwing myself on the ground in a three year old tantrum! help! what is the secret!

  2. Carissa I feel your pain…I have been checking the site since January hoping to obtain even one little bird. I’m just hoping my turn will come next time!!!

  3. Ann, Your birdies – they make me want to pick them up in my hands and just cuddle them! What a delicate, sweet touch you have! They remind me of the sugary little marshmallow peeps candy so familiar at Easter time!

    Diane Knott

  4. Jill Cooper

    Ann, congratulations! I just read the article in Home Companion about you. Just love your birds – I’m a bird nut! One of these days I’ll get to your shop at the right time when you still have a bird in it for sale LOL

  5. I enjoyed seeing your article in The Home Companion and your darling creations! All the best

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