scrap flowers and cardinals on my work table

Is there a color, or colors you have a hard time working with? For me it’s red. It’s not that I don’t like red, it just hardly ever seems to find its way in to anything. Until lately, all of a sudden lots of rich red scraps have been turning up (or maybe I’ve just started noticing them) and my worktable is covered with magnificent reds and crimsons.  

hand stitched cardinal and flowers

stitched cardinal

I’m working on two projects to share at the Sugar House Retreat in March. a cardinal, and a fabric necklace.  The cardinal is made from the songbird sewing pattern with a few modifications. I love all the varieties of red and pink that turn up in cardinals and I’m working on a few. 

stitched flower necklace

The necklace is a scrap project, most of them collected in France this summer. It’s a jump in without a plan sort of process, step one is just cutting some circles.  I’m adding little bits of green too. I like the idea of using color as a starting point and a constraint and I’ll probably use the scrap necklace project ro experiment in other shades. I’ve started collecting some teal scraps for another.

sugar house retreat

If you’d like to join me in Vermont for the Sugar harvest and lots of projects, exploring and fantastic food and friends you can find more details here. It’s a small and super friendly retreat.  I had a fantastic time last year and you can checkout some images from that here. Or checkout out #warmbrookbarn on instagram.


  1. Oh my ! I LOVE the cardinal !!!!
    (I envy you : we don’t have them here in Europe …)

  2. Oh the cardinal is perfect!!! I hope the pattern will be available for purchase when you’re finished! We have cardinals on the Big Island and a male and female that visit the bushes near our home. We can always hear the male’s song. My little guy would be over the moon with a little scrappy cardinal friend. ❤️

  3. Cynthia Bourque

    I would love to see the scrap necklace done in fall tones!! Making a hot pink one now but I think I will try the fall theme. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your weekly-ish emails.

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