1. i am in love with your boats. they are so ethereal! i can’t wait to see this one 🙂

  2. Missed you so much!! I love the patterns of the sails!! Can’t wait to see!!

  3. Julie O'Brien

    I absolutely adore your blog/website. I have been working on an idea of making a wooden shoe ship to epitomize the fairy tale Wynken Blyken and Nod when i happened upon your website. What beautiful ships you have made.They transport you into a wonderful place. I would love to buy one. i tried to deal with the gallery in California but they said they had none left. I love them . I have spent most of my life loving art and trying to fit it in to my life and have not been able to. I do however appreciate those who pursue their passion and wish i could have been like you. My daughter lives in Queens and i hope to look you up before my next visit, or the gallery you refer to in your blog. Keep up the wonderful work . From all of us frustrated artists and your fans —Julie O’Brien

  4. yay! you’re back! I just found your blog and fell in love with it… i may have spent all night reading the back-posts… your art is beautiful and inspirational.. it makes me want to go out and buy a paint box.. and start painting things… you are beautiful.. THANK YOU

  5. I still believe one day I will have one and display it proudly where everyone will see it. 🙂

  6. hallaren

    Nothing says summer to me like blue and white stripe seersucker!
    Welcome summer solstice!

    Love the summer birds!

  7. Hi Ann Wood!
    It has only been one day since i fisrt saw your work on FlickR and I’m already a huge fan of you work!
    I think the owls, wobblers, other birds and boats you make are just SO AWESOME!!
    Do you do any topography art?
    Or other animals?

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