A new ship for the Tinlark show, The Bonnie Prince Billy

(you’re welcome to contact the gallery for purchase info on ships)

I’ve been a slacker on my flea market reports lately


I got this green pot a couple weeks ago. I love it, it’s my current favorite color.

WIP: another sail for the Ginger Rose and some first thoughts on a new ship.



  1. The amount of work, the tiny details, in each ship – really pretty and really complicated.

  2. I love that green pot! My dining room walls are almost exactly that color, and just about as glossy. It makes me smile whenever I walk through the room.

  3. That ship is SOOO cool! I would die to have that over my childhood bed, say when I was about 7. Think of the amazing dreams I would have had!

  4. A very good name for a beautiful ship, and one of my favorite musicians.

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