portland art fair

I finshed my shore birds and an owl over the weekend for Tinlark to take to The Portland Art Fair. There’s more info on Tinlark’s new Blog.

american avocet

willet in winter plumage

and an indigo owl


The owl is inspired by beautiful boro textiles and the little indigo cotton prints are really old but were perfectly preserved in the intricate foundation of an otherwise ruined silk victorian bodice.


  1. Beautiful birds – and an owl too.
    I love the personality in the Willet’s face

  2. Oh, how I wish I could get to Portland at all, and even better, early enough to bring your willet home with me…

  3. Fantastic birds! Just out of curiosity will you ever include action scenes such as feeding on a worm or a bug? You have definately mastered your craft and I am intrigued on how you would handle such an addition. But if theres no interest I’ll understand, and still be a fan. 🙂

  4. I gotta hand it to you ann – you really nailed this one. raaaaarh!

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