please meet vivienne and work on a new rag doll experiment

Entirely nude, but for a threadbare whisper of a nightgown.

vivienne : naked ragdoll

The gown is made from the sleeve of an Edwardian lawn gown – so simple to make. I just hemmed the top edge – gathered across the front side and added ribbon ties that go around her neck – halter style.

vivienne : an immodest doll

She sits serenely,  in her nightgown,  silently judging that little ant who admires himself so constantly.

ant and ragdoll

Update 1/6/2019 : There is a nude rag doll pattern and kit in the works – you can sign up here if you’d like an email when it is available.

And something new on my worktable – an evolving rag doll creature. The texture thing is pretty ambitious and I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again,  it’s labor intensive even by my standards.  But I do like the effect on him.

ragdoll experiment


  1. Vivienne! My granddaughter Vivian, the one who so badly wants you to have a cat, will love that. She will also, I’m sure, ask me why dolly is “nekkid “.

    I am so intrigued by the textured doll-can’t wait to see!

  2. The best thing in my mail this morning by far. Vivienne & her ant friend are so truly gorgeous. I too will wait to see who this other beautifully textured doll is. Your spread in the magazine is so wonderful. Just a treat visiting here, I sdore your paper mache’, actually I adore everything youmake. Oh to be a fly on the wall in your studio~ a dream.

  3. Serene is the perfect description for Vivienne. Gazing at her could calm a storm of emotions.



  4. Silently judging! Ha! Love that. And your work, of course!

  5. oh, how i love her… vivienne makes the ache of being away from museums for so many years subside just a bit. i love her mystery.

    and that ant with hands on hips, absolutely charming and funny.

  6. Jennie Henzel

    Do you have an estimate as to when you will have the Vivienne pattern ready to sell? I love your patterns!

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