pixie toadstools and mr. cups

mr. cups

Meet Mr. Cups! My new helper – I found him upstate in a fabulously junky junk shop – he makes a very cheery pin holder. I love the way his details are painted – I looked him up and found out he was made in Japan in the forties and there is a Mrs. – I’m on the look out.  He helped me make lots of mini toadstools – pixie size fungi made from Japaanese garment fragments (from lovely Sri Threads). They are made with the little mushroom sewing pattern – it scales up and down well – I printed the templates at around 75% for these little guys.

textile toadstools

the little mushroom sewing pattern

two blue toadstools

toadstool detail

They were fun to make in a batch and easy to travel with – just a little bag of scraps and a few supplies – a good summer project. I also added a little extra height to the top for a couple – tracing the template and adding about another 1/2 inch to the top for a pointier cap.

textile toadstools

toadstools moss

I’m also working on some larger specimens and creatures, in lovely old indigo cloth.

indigo owl toadstool



  1. Hi!

    Nice Mr Cups : )
    But don´t you think he would love a fat hat or a soft ball in his cup?

    That way you could use him, even better, as as a pin holder! Maybe even a mushroom in his cup : )

    And yes, the mushrooms look great!

  2. Ann, your mini funghi are beautiful!

    I recently put a merry wobbler photo as my 2nd ever on Instagram – would love you to go see 🙂 @clairelander74

    Maria I LOVE your friends work! thanks for posting link 🙂

    Claire x

  3. so cute Mr Cups, but does’nt he need a hat, a anvaluable little hat ?
    It’s always a great travel in your blog… so great!

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