paper mache work

I’m working on a group of paper mache ships – all three from my ship pattern collection.  I like to paper mache in the evening – all those little pieces of paper – it’s relaxing and meditative and I wake up to lovely dry ships – ready for paint and sails.  I always start with a layer of brown paper  and usually finish with a layer of newsprint – I’m working over a cardboard armature so 2 layers is enough.

paper mache ship workI gathered some scraps for patching sails and making flags – these ships are going to be pale and romantic and have owl captains. If you’re waiting for the little owl pattern it’s almost here – after some testing I needed to revise the pattern a little – there was an unnecessary complication. I’m doing some re-shoots and it will be available next week – you can join the mailing list if you’d like to be notified as soon as new patterns are available ( I’ve got a lamb pattern in the works too).

sail scrapsI also want to share one of my favorite artists working with paper mache with you : Michelle Lassaline.  I love all her work and the masks especially – they have such presence. This image is so enchanting and mysterious and captivating, the detail of the painted hands…..

Michelle Llassaline Burro

You can find Michelle’s website here and more images here. If you happen to be in Nevada you can see her work in person on February 24th – find the details here.



  1. Can’t wait to see the finished ships! Your work inspires me. I made 2 of the felt sailboats and am making 3 more for a mobile for my grown daughter who loved the ships I made. Can’t wait to try the paper mache!

  2. I haven’t managed to get into using a sketchbook either. I still write lists of words and short paragraphs. A friend gave me a moleskine sketchbook and I didn’t use it because my lists weren’t “good enough” to be written down in there. I finally started using it by leaving it at the office and writing things down whenever something popped into my head.

    Really looking forward to seeing your sketchbook adventures. 🙂

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