1. Ann I just recently discovered your wonderful work via another blog – I love these ships so very much.

  2. I love your ships and hope that some day you have a book that teaches us how to create one.

    Also, thank you for introducing me to Boro. I’m totally taken with the old textiles.

    Your blog is a treasure.

  3. Fishing boats on the Beach of Saintes-Maries alive, once more

    Truly wonderful creation

    ps. Thanks for the cardboard horse tutorial, we made a few for our Christmas tree


  4. This is amazing plez tell me how to make 1 cause i have this project i have to do for scool and i would love to know how 2 make one

  5. I was looking for more information on paper mache boats ann wood on Bing and this address was the first site I saw about it. Thanks for this and now I know where to look for great stuff when I want it

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