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The fleet here  is growing rapidly. I’m working on all sorts of new boats and ships and the little lateen rigged sailboats inspired by van gogh’s fishing boats are for you to make, I’m going to share the pattern and instructions next week. It takes me forever to work out the “how to” stuff but I think it’s pretty much there and I just need to test it on a couple people and photograph the steps. They are simple and relatively quick, I think you’re going to have fun making them.

Cardboard castle news:

Cardbaord Castle #2 is in the current issue of Elle Decor  – Japanese edition.  I get excited about any celebration of cardboard castle making and the entire magazine is lovely  so I’m pleased and flattered to be included.



  1. The cardboard castle is gorgeous! Oh – instructions for the boats would be fantastic – I can’t wait!

  2. I love what you do with so humble materials, your creation are so ethereal as if they come from a parallel fairy tale world!

  3. How exciting one of the best Christmas gifts instructions for sail boats, I shall be making some of them for my grandsons bedroom.

    I’d just like to say thank you for a very inspirational blog. How did I find you?……… I just typed in my mum’s name and there you were.

    Thank you so much

    In antisipation


  4. YAY! I’ve been planning to try my hand at making some boats, but never get to it. I’m looking forward to seeing your instructions. Thanks!

  5. Oh, how lovely! I am looking forward to the boat “how to.”

    (And the castle is wonderful, too, of course.)

  6. Congratulations – what a wonderful edifice! and I’m excited about the how-to for the boats, I’ve always loved seeing what you do with them.

  7. I want to make the castle for my little boy who is always slaying dragons and a boat for my little girl who believes she is a pirate.

  8. I have always been amazed by this cardboard castle of yours. It deserved to be in Elle. How did they discover it? Beth

  9. Congratulations on your castle being published in Elle. And congrats to Elle magazine for being so smart!

    And thank you so much for taking on a tutorial to teach us how to make the boats. It can be time consuming working out all the steps and details. I love them, Van Gogh and you! The big patches give them so much character. Since VG is one of my favorite artists it’s going to be all the more fun to learn.

    I’m almost ashamed to ask – but I hope you also have a Flickr group so we can upload our finished boats and you can see the result of your lessons.

    Thank you again for taking on such a project at the holidays. You have a heart of gold.

  10. I am about to chew off my hand waiting for that tutorial. I have been admiring your boats for just about as long as you’ve been sharing them and I’m going to add making this one to my list of 38 Things to Do Before I Turn 39.
    Congrats on the magazine feature-what a treat, and one you well deserve!

  11. I have had a thing for sailboats since my Dad designed and built a 2o footer when we were kids. It was hideous, but loads of fun and made many memories for us.

    These are wonderful. I can’t wait for the tutorial. I have been wanting to hang something special over my kitchen table…these might just be right!

  12. Congratulations! In advance I would like to thank you for sharing your boat tutorial, I have been waiting a long time.
    I just love everything you do, you are such an inspiration.

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