owl and songbird progress

I  spent the fourth of july holiday way upstate sewing. It was misty and moist and super hot.

I worked on some pieces I started 2 years ago – made from antique garment linings.

Get the sewing patterns to make your own owl and bird:

a sewing pattern for a dastardly owlsewing pattern for a textile songbird







I’ve also been working on some  other songbirds, I’m finishing the teal bird this evening.

And this pink girl-   also begun years ago then put away and finished lately. I guess some things need to percolate. She has a fancy  bustled bottom.


  1. Suzanne Lee

    Breathtaking! Your birds are incredible, but this one is incredible-plus!

  2. So lovely-the teal is such a special color-reminds me of all the indigo buntings we’ve been seeing lately!

  3. your work is breathtaking! I am partial to the birds they are all precious and the one with the ruffled bottom, so cute!

  4. Love your work so very much. The little pink bird is so cute (love her ruffly bottom and your 9 year old black bird. I especially love his eyes and “feathered” crest. It’s easy to see that you love what you’re doing—so do all of us who ädmire your absolutely beautiful work!!!

  5. Denise Hingley

    we eagerly await your song bird pattern. good luck and enjoy the process.

  6. Marlene scerri

    Love your work I would love the pattern for the song birds I’m a Aboriginal textile artist and always looking for new and interesting projects cheers Marlene

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