one last bit of creepy

My new boxes came today and I really like them.


The bird on the box is one of the miss johnsons. She’ll be in the shop next week with miss brown (below) and some other birds and things I’m working on.


A last bit of halloween creepiness. It’s a couple days late, I know, I had forgotten about it and just happened upon it this morning. It’s a tiny ridiculous little animation experiment and it’s a mess, but I had a good time doing it and I love an experiment. Last winter I saw Street of Crocodile’s and some Jan Svankmajer for the first time and was fascinated by them. I still am. I have an immediate gratification problem so I wanted to try to animate something right that instant. I made this creepy little greeting with stuff that was handy, my cannon power shot and i movie. I had a ball. When I get a little time I’m gonna experiment some more and if I ever get a bunch of time I’d like to really learn to do it properly.

(Don’t expect much, it just waves at you. Creepily. That’s it)


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