on my work table : little owl pattern

I’m working on my next sewing pattern – little owl friends. I’ve tightened up the pattern and I’m making the file tonight so I can shoot steps over the weekend.  The little owls make great ship captains ( I’m building this guy a ship tomorrow) and I’m also including other sizes – so you can create a little family. The smallest size fits in the palm of your hand, they are quick to make and they’re great for using special scraps. If you’d like to be notified by email when new patterns are available you can sign up here.  I’m thinking of doing illustrations for instruction this time instead of photographs – I wonder if you have a preference?  Please let me know in the comments or email if you prefer.

owl friend work

owl friend

I like these funny little owls – I like them so much I wrote a poem about them.

please meet these owls

(special thanks to Oscar the cat)


  1. I enjoyed your interview on “While She Naps” podcast. You cracked me up a couple of times, which was great. Your work is lovely and I look forward to following your blog. Jill

  2. I am so happy about the owl pattern! I love the pictures with the patterns. It is the way my mind works I think to see what you are doing vs drawings.
    Thanks for all the other great patterns.

  3. Jaimie Sander

    I love these!! I am not very good at sewing-but these make me want to try! I think I might find illustrations a little easier to follow,with maybe a few photos along the way!

  4. Janet Chalmers

    I absolutely love your owl pattern and can’t wait to make one. Personally, I like the photos, but if it is easier for you to do the drawings, that’s OK, too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bridget Edwards

    Thank you for all of your patterns! I used to say that I sew these wonderful creatures for my granddaughters. Now I freely admit that I also sew them for myself. They make me smile. I look forward to your owl!! I have no preference as to photos or illustrations. Either will continue to inspire!

  6. Jeanette Sappe'

    I absolutely love your work!! I have purchased a couple of your patterns and do like the photos.I cannot say how excited I am for the owl pattern (talk about cute) Perfect for scraps and smiles! I think illustrations would be fine…… I do like the photos best myself.

  7. Confession time: I’ve been hoarding ‘owl fabrics’ for a few months now in hopes that you would have an owl pattern soon!! Looking forward to ALL of the sizes because some days I like working on tiny projects and other days, the larger the better…really all depends on how my hands are feeling that day….

    Getting old is not for sissies

  8. I am so inspired by your art, including your photographs. We have a pair of resident barred owls in our woods so I love your new little owls and look forward to sewing a pair. Thank you so much for sharing not only your talent but your ideas on how to live a creative life, problems and all. So glad I found your website and blog.

  9. Love these new little owl friends. I really enjoy the photographs and think that format would be my preference. They let me know I’m on track with the making process. I’m sure your illustrations would be clear, as well, though; so do whatever works best for you & keep making these wonderful little creatures for us to sew.


  10. I can hardly wait for the Owl pattern. My sister and I have spent 4 days visiting (she is quite ill and lives many miles away) and our focus has been sewing the pattern for little birds, it makes her smile and I am so very thankful for that. On my next visit perhaps we can build Owls together.

    You have an amazing gift of bringing fabric to life, thank you. Iris

  11. Photos please. They show little stitching details that you do that wouldn’t be on illustrations!

  12. I have always loved your owls, so I’m so happy to see you will be making a pattern for them available. In respones to the photo vs. illustration question, I prefer photographs. (What I REALLY love are the video segments!)

  13. I am looking forward to the owl pattern so much! Your patterns and instructions are always excellent, so I am sure whatever you decide will work. And I also enjoy the video segments.

  14. I love the Owl my first thought my granddaughter would love him or a her but then no I want him myself. Thank you for your lovely and original work. I’m a picture person so either will do me.

  15. How wonderful you are to share your creativity with us. I love all of your patterns! The merry wobblers, the tiny standing birds, the ships, the smaller boats, the whales—even the cardboard horses and the teacups! You are so very talented. As for my preference, I really like the photographs.

  16. So excited for this. I was secretly hoping you’d publish an owl pattern.

    FWIW, I published my hand sewing patterns with illustrated instructions because I was really into Japanese craft books at the time. It’s easy to create/edit an illustration to make things clear; you can use colors, dashed lines, etc to indicate steps. I find with my photo tutorials that I have a lot of stress about making sure I get all the “right” photos, which is super hard if you need two hands to hold the thing (or even one hand in a difficult position). With photos, if you missed a detail (or flubbed it) it’s hard to retake it and capture the same lighting/color/angle. Either way, I’ll buy it.

  17. Your owls speak a language all their own, it’s going to be an honour to try to bring one to life with your instructions. Waiting with baited breath for the pattern reveal. Thank you.

  18. Jeanette Sappe'

    Is this pattern available yet? I cant wait. I’m so excited!!

  19. Love your patterns and have made several little owls…. much prefer photographs to illustrations. Your patterns are exceptionally easy to follow and I think the photos are a big part of the reason.
    I hope your newest owl will become a pattern available to those of us too far away to participate in the workshop. I wish I could be there!

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