on my work table : bright and happy things

little birds in progress

For the last week or so I’ve had lots of happy, sweet, festive things to work on.  It is a lovely thing that I hear from women who had my  caketopper birds for their wedding and would like a little bird for their child and so I’ve been making special birds for little girls. Two were for a birthday cake and had fancy party hats.

tiny party hats

party hat birds

birthday birds

I had so much fun making the hats. I love mini and I love crepe paper – it is magic stuff.  I’m working on a little girl size version of the paper feather crown  and I’ll share the instructions for that soon – everybody needs a feather crown.

birthday party birds


  1. LOve Ann! endless ways to do the birds! you will have to have hat patterns/instructions. On the tiding up book, I read it to and although I have not done it all ,what she said has stayed with me and I think about it each time I keep something or throw something out etc. I am like you in that I am older and have to much stuff and I really don’t want it all. slowly but surely… XXOO Cat

  2. Julia D.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! your party hats for your adorable birds made my day…. just love them and made me laugh and smile for the start of my day.
    Lucky birthday girls.

  3. L kaupalolo

    Enjoy your notes and patterns. Especially your wonderful ships. But I before e except after c. Receive! Too many English teachers in my family.

  4. I just had a flash idea of a school of fish…about the size of your birds. Bright and cheerful and hanging from fishing line so it looks like they’re swimming. Would be lovely….or as a mobile. Something in the image of the bird laying down triggered it. A thought.

    • Thanks Karen- interesting – and I’ve had mobiles on my mind lately…….

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