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I’m working on a bunch of things all at once that I hope I can show you finished next week.  That’s the plan anyway – for the last ten days or so I’ve been working differently (p.s. still standing up) and it is having a magical effect….  I’ll tell you all about it on Monday. For now here’s a bit of what I’m working on:

A dastardly indigo fellow made from my most treasured pieces from Sri Threads. I love all the mending, the other hands and the layering and textures – so owly.

indigo owl progress

paper mache ship progress

paper mache ship and owl

And ships and boats and little passengers – spring is always for building ships.  I finished a large ship and owl and photographed them earlier this week – it’s been lingering here captainless and almost done for weeks. A note on photographing ships and boats – they move. They have sails so they twirl constantly  – to help them be still for a sharp photo I tie a spool of thread to the stern and / or the bow and then use the spool to position them at the angle I want and anchor them – the thread is easy to get rid of in a photo editor like  iphoto with the touch up tool.

paper mache ship

Pattern notes if you would like to make your own ships:

The template and pattern for all the ships is here ( I sligtly altered the side template of the large ship for this one – it’s easy to do).

And the owl captain pattern is here.


  1. maureen willetts

    Absolutely lovely, the owls and the sailing ships. I have in the past made ships and I’ve had a go at papier mache ones too.
    Thank you for your inspirational work and the beautiful materials you find to work with.
    Maureen UK

  2. He’s going to be so beautiful Ann! They are gorgeous shades of blue.
    The ship is magical with it’s sweet little captain. I must get in and make another one seeing as I bought your lovely pattern! Another fabric one I think but maybe a bit different to the first one I made. 🙂
    Happy Spring to you! Our cold temps are just settling in here. Brrrr! ♥

  3. Adore the indigo owl – the breast feathers are a delight. What clever use and combination of fabrics.

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