on my work table

A group of little birds – I’m finishing them right now and they’re going to Prospect Park tomorrow for a photo. I’m working on toadstools tonight as well – made from the antique quilt fragments.

And a recently finished piece  – Emile – a gentle rat made from mrs. brown’s skirt.


  1. Your work table looks a haven of tranquillity and creativity. I think it is so marvellous how those antiquey bits of quilt, which no doubt were made from scraps of fabric found here and there and were then transformed into something so beautiful as the quilt, have now been turned again into something new and equally beautiful. Years ago I had a poster which advertised a new comic book series (The books of magic) and it said “Magic is all around us, we need only the eyes to see” or something along that. Always with your work you give us that vision and the eyes to see. Thank you xx

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