new shape

new shape

This is one of the new things I’m working on  for 2011 – a small  bird with a more realistic shape. I’m planning a little flock all made from  this antique bodice ( hoping to get an owl out of it too).


The fabric is really interesting, it has a tiny  geometric print of metallic gold specs over a silky cotton with little squares woven in.

antique bodice detail


  1. Ouch to the bodice, it truly is a lovely piece as is … but the bird looks very real and … graceful, very interesting bit of work, Ann!

  2. It is a shame to cut that bodice, as the fabric is very unusual. The shape suggests that it is ca 1890s. Or is it simply a retro piece? That would explain the gold detail perhaps?

    Could you not sell the bodice on and find something less intact to cut up? I’m surprised it was priced in the cut-up price range. Or is it damaged beyound repair? I’m intrigued by what you do manage to find.

    Can’t wait to see how you use the Fortuny fabric.

  3. You do a really awesome things that make me dream. I love your owls and ships. Greats from Spain. Maribel

  4. Thanks! And Yes they will be in the shop soon – as many as I can make from the bodice – a lot of the fabric is stained and much to worn to use but the folds of fabric in the big puffy sleeves is still good.

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