my new favorite paint and songbirds on my work table

mosquito painting

I’m particular about paint. I like very flat color. I’ve been using Holbein acrylics for a while and the last time I went to pick some up I discovered something new – or new to me – from Holbein to try – Mat Acrylic.

They come in big tubes and the colors are flatter than flat. Very opaque too. They flow beautifully on paper and the finish of the paint when dry is almost paper-like itself. They are unlike anything I’ve tried before – the closest comparison I could make would be gouache which I find difficult to work with. Also – in case you are wondering – I paint my little squares on hot press watercolor paper. I like fluid 100 and Arches.

And lovely Sri indigos and teals. Teal is the color that is on my mind lately – smokey and mysterious.  I’m working on things for the shop and will add these as soon as they’re finished – possibly tomorrow , more likely Saturday.  I also have some rag doll experiments in the works, including some Fortuny rag dolls I’m excited about.

stitched sri songbirds

indigo sri songbird

Thanks to everybody who entered last week’s book give away – the winning number (chosen by a random number generator) is 330. I’ll be sending an email your way Annie L. for address info. If you would like to order a copy of Stitch-Illo you can find it here.

stitch illo


  1. Oh I’m not particularly picky about the acrylics I use but I do have to say I love the paint effect in your work. I remember you also saying that you used Lascaux paints?

    • Hi Lisa – Yes – Iove Lascaux paint. They are super pricey though. Holbein is a lot more affordable.

  2. Thank you for sharing that Ann!! I do love mat colors….most acrylics are just too shiny and bright( did I just say that?…..)esspecially when I want to paint realistic animals….this is a very usfull tip!

  3. marilyn roberts

    i just wanted to say as a new fan of your work you are AMAZING. your artistic creations are so unique. magickal almost really. thank you for sharing your work with us….
    peace and blessings.

  4. I agree about the Mat Acrylics.
    The blues in your bird are just wonderful! And so is the photo you took with the blues behind it!

  5. Ditto all the rest of these comments and thank you for sharing about the matt acrylics. The plastic sheen of acrylics and the brash colors have always been a turn off to me…it’s good to know there is an alternative. Lately I’ve been using house paint samples…OK, but still not the solution. And yes…oh, those blues are divine.

  6. Top tip, am off in search of those paints, they sound amazing! Thank you. I the effect that some people can achieve with gouache but I just cannot seem to get to grips with it, mine always look grainy. I shall try and get a hold of a tube of this acrylic to try.

    Congratulations to the book winner too – that’s another to go on my ever increasing list 😀

    • Can’t seem to find them in the UK. I’ll note them down to keep an eye out x

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