my big creative year : make believe

I pursued a blue fox through the forest this past weekend (the Adirondack forest- it was a glorious weekend – the first real feeling of spring up there). I had a fabulous time – I got muddy and scratched and poked by sticks, was tormented by flies and wasps, and kneeled in enchanted poop but it was marvelous.

textile art fox in the forest

I have spent much of my creative life in pursuit of the land of make believe, the world on the other side of the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, through the wardrobe….  It has always been something that captures and delights my imagination. I know what’s real and what isn’t. I’m pragmatic, practical and not terribly sentimental but I have spent a great deal of time and energy and resources to create a world, largely for myself, where enchanted creatures appear in the forest, or a ship might float through my open window. I wonder if I’m wired that way, I wonder if it was things I was exposed to as a small person, I wonder why I find the intersection of real and pretend so compelling – especially where pretend inhabits the natural world or where real is recreated, represented – like a soundstage, theater, dollhouse or diorama. The fascination has not diminished as I’ve gotten older, it has held on to me and I’ve given it more space, more time, more thought and more intention.

blue fox textile artMy weekend with the blue fox left me wanting more and wondering what else might happen to an elusive and elegant blue fox in the dark and shimmering forest – where is he going? What might he come upon? Whom might he meet?


  1. Hmmmmm blue fox …. looks a bit like a wolf to me too … 😉
    (was already looking for little red riding hood)

  2. I grew up in the Adirondacks and spent many, many happy days chasing “imaginary” creatures through the woods. As a child I wanted to live in a tree and bathe in the brook and drink elixir from acorns. Come to think of it, I would still like to live in a hollowed out tree………

  3. I think that Mr. Fox is going to a dinner party, where he will meet with his friends of course. It will be a fancy reunion, all dressed up for the occasion. I’m imagining the clothing, the table, the music…!

  4. ….. Enchanted poo! Love this comment… Must remember this, you do make me smile …..

  5. i wonder if your photographs of Mr. Fox would make a good book, or book???
    I find myself wondering where he is going, and who he will meet?

  6. Threezcharming

    Mr. Fox is very handsome! With all that walking and fresh air, he’s also very healthy! We always enjoy your artistry — thank you very much for sharing with us!

  7. Influences…I looked up the video you mentioned, Tales of Beatrix Potter and bought a copy for myself. Now I’m having great fun sharing it with friends who dance, who design and sew costumes for theatre…yes, it’s a very inspirational and enjoyable DVD. I decided my favorite was Jeremy Fisher, but I’m also in awe of the costumes!

    I don’t know what influenced me – but I’ve always liked “small”. Maybe it’s just cuter, maybe it’s easier, safer? When I did ceramics, I did a few miniatures, when I was quilting, I tried some mini quilts, when I make dolls, I don’t make huge ones (although tiny ones have their own challenges, I found, so I don’t do tiny either! And now I’m into sketching and watercolor – I’d love to try a BIG picture but so far…yep, my small art journal is working just fine :-).

    I always enjoy seeing your projects – you inspire me! I think it may be time to pull out the papier mache again….or should I make a bird? So many choices – maybe I’ll have to wait until my flower garden is planted!

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