mr. socks : the print edition

 mr. socks : a sewing pattern

Mr. socks is in print!  My second print pattern is in the shop. It’s a 12 page booklet with 47 hand drawn illustrations.  I’m starting another print pattern this evening while the mechanics of putting it all together are all still fresh in my mind.  And while my drawing muscle feels strong.  I love the little booklets – they are a giant amount of work but I love making them.

 mr. socks : a sewing pattern

mr. socks takes a stroll

Maybe you’ll make a mischievous cat. Maybe he will have an adventure. I’m rolling around the idea of a photo contest for later this summer  – more on that soon.


  1. caroline lister

    just enquiring when the fabric ship pattern will be available. I contacted you last year and you said you were going to do one. Thank you.

  2. it’s WONDERFUL! i love your work and getting new blog post notices via email. thanks for sharing everything you do.

  3. Gosh well done for keeping the price so low
    I wish shipping were less to UK

    • annwood

      The shipping cost to the UK is less than the actual cost.

  4. Jaimie Sander

    I love Mr. Socks! My first attempt was really pathetic,but I am going to try again,lol. Nothing to do with the directions,my sewing skills are pretty minimal! He is just so cute! Thanks for sharing your work,it is inspiring!
    I especially love your owls!

  5. Love the sketched instructions – the cat on the cover looks so debonair! And frankly, sometimes it’s really nice to have printed instructions when you’re trying to create something :-)!

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