mr. guppy

A new owl – mr. guppy.

He’s made from an antique flour sack and dress makers scraps from the early 1900’s among other things.

He also has some 19th century thread sewn into his ears.

The threads are courtesy of stephen szczcepanek and I love them. I’m not sure what circumstance he finds them in but they absoutley belong in owl ears and probably some other places too.


  1. your works are gorgeous–inspirational–and i think mr. guppy and i are about to start a love affair.

  2. very, very nice. I was living for a long time in your neighborhood. to bad I didn’t know your work then. keep on creating nice things!

  3. Oh Mr. Guppy is just too cute for words. Darling your vision is purely amazing! Talent you have for sure. I’m writing a short little post on my blog set to run on Friday about your shop so please stop by and pay me a visit via the net if you get a chance. Can’t wait to see more in the future!!!

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