morning stitches

morning stitches

I like to sew by hand, early, as soon as there’s a little light. It’s quiet, peaceful, reliable and slow and it steadies me.

fancy rag doll

I make black coffee and I stitch for a couple hours – often little things and usually on the couch, by the windows, keeping the house plants company.

I love it especially this time of year, the old radiators start to clank and moan and make that steam heat smell I love; I stitch and stitch and listen to the world starting up again.


Sewing patterns:

And find the print and kit versions in the shop too.

tiny rag doll sewing pattern mr. socks : sewing pattern


  1. Cindy Armstrong

    I was so happy to see this post. I needed a peaceful word this morning. I wanted to share a sweet, funny thing with you as well. I was showing my 3-year-old granddaughter, Vivian, the tiny doll pattern, which she loved, and we looked at the photos on your blog. I told her that you were a kind lady who liked making things. She pondered for a moment, then asked, very seriously, “Does she have a cat?”.

    • Hi Cindy – thanks so much – that totally made my day. Please tell Vivian that she has a beautiful name – its one of my favorites. And, that I like cats very much but I do not have one at this time. However, I may in the future and will probably call it Vivian, Buttons or Sam.

  2. A lovely post for a less than lovely day after the election. Thank you for reminding me of the good in simple stitching…making cloth come alive as a doll, and nurturing the quite times.



  3. Angeline Keller

    Thanks for sharing your creative process.
    Just love your work and the time you put
    Into it. Do you still travel over to Deadhorse
    Beach. I am from Brooklyn, NY and never
    heard of it. I am hope to go before it get
    too cold. Thanks

  4. Jennie Henzel

    I am enjoying making the tiny dolls. Making one now for my 95 year old Mother. Will you be selling your cat pattern too?

  5. Donna Bohrer

    Your mornings sound lovely and peaceful. I miss the coziness that winter brings, I am stuck here in FL. I enjoy the seasons vicariously through your posts and those from Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth. Thanks for being you.

  6. I’m so happy to have discovered your work. I have made twelve of your birds and I guess nine nests. I gave them to various people at work, who all just loved them. I have shared your website with people. I finally had to make myself stop making birds and get back to my quilt. I promise myself to try each of your patterns in turn, so wonderfull. One other great thing, I shred the tiny pieces of left over wool for nesting material in the nests, it makes it so sweet and cozy. Thanks so much.

  7. Jaimie Sander

    If you had a cat,it would not be so peaceful, lol. Take it from the happy mom of 4 curious kitties,who appear out of no where the minute you sit down to do something(crochet,in my case).I am very excited to see the little Mr. Sox being worked on,I think they are just the most adorable cats! Thanks for sharing your process,I do so look forward to these posts.

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