miss havisham

This poor wretched ANCIENT wedding dress is destined to become birds and ship sails and cake toppers and maybe a white owl. The morning it arrived I took it out of the box and put it on immediately. This also happened to be the morning I finished the swiss dot fabric wedding cake and cake topper (below) and that was sitting on my big work table. If I had any balls at all I would have used the timer and taken a picture of that little miss havisham tableaux for you but you’ll just have to use your imagination.


I think the satin is mostly too damaged to use but there’s tons and tons of good lace.



  1. can’t help wondering what the bride would have said if someone had told her all those years ago that her dress was going to wind up as an art installation.

    Funny old world, eh?

  2. Very Miss Haversham now, but someone somewhere cherished that dress so much that it has survived the generations. How lovely that parts of it will go on to make new things to treasure.

  3. That’s an incredible, haunting image with that dress hovering about the room on a branch. Somebody should make a painting out of that!

  4. I am sorry that we missed that tableaux , but the dress photo on the branch is beautiful

  5. Your image is as haunting as Miss Haversham was. Lovely. And disturbing…

  6. The dress is amazing..I have a collection of old family “undergarments” from the mid 1800’s, mostly saved so they could reuse the lace…they are in amazing condition, but I am so afraid to be the one to finally send them over the edge.

    Might be time to get over it and use them for something…

  7. So amazing! You should at least take a photo of yourself in the dress for you. 🙂 This photo is totally blowing me away!

  8. I have to ask; where does one find something like that? It is stunning. Hanging there like that it would make a fantastic photo…maybe with some of your birds on the branches. I have recently found your website and I just ADORE your work. Your ships made me gasp outloud. So stunning.

  9. love your birds…and i had to hive them on stylehive. we also have a wiki called circlebackstudio…everything crafts and scrapbooking…it’s an online directory. we will create a page for you and i will send you the link through email.

    love how you use old vintage wedding dresses in your designs.

  10. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  11. Lisa Jenner

    What are the legs made of? They are just beautiful!

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