making plans for 2017 : new patterns and kits on the horizon

It might snow tonight – I hope it does ( just a little please – nothing crazy).  I’m well nested – luxuriating in the post holiday stillness.  I’ve taken to my bed with books, magazines, sketchbooks and some therapeutic hand sewing.  Mainly, I’m making plans for the year ahead and resting the last of a wicked virus out of me.

cozy bed

There are a million things I’d like to do – my first projects will be new sewing patterns and kits.     Kits are definitely going to happen this year – there, I’ve said it.

The first pattern will be a mini – a winter coat for the tiny rag doll (and mr. socks too). I’ve been playing with it for a while and lately got close to what I want: it should be scalable – something that could work for lots of dolls, easy, reversible and pretty quick to make. Look for that pattern next week.


Also – speaking of socks – the print version of the mr. socks pattern is nearly finished. And maybe he’ll be a kit too – what do you think?

I released 3 new patterns last year and feel like it should have been more – I’m hoping to at least double that this year. I’d love to do a collection of botanical patterns – maybe an e-book – with all my techniques  for creating shapes and  details like fancy root systems and organic feeling textures.


There will also be a naked rag doll pattern coming soon and a collection of clothes for her – including a kimono – for her more modest moods.

an immodest doll

And I’m determined to finish a project started last year that I got good and stuck on – the flamingo kit.  I’ve made it mandatory – one way ore another the flamingo kit is happening before Valentine’s day. I have to let go of something to make it work and spent a lot of time being obstinate with myself about that. I hand dye and paint the paper and that absolutely does not work for the kit – it’s labor intensive, difficult, challenging space- wise and puts the kit way outside the target price range.  Now that I have a little perspective on it  I’m not even  sure my fussiness was justified. There is  another round of gorgeous italian test paper on the way right now – stay tuned.

flamingo caketoppers

There are other plans too – for paintings and drawings – and all sorts of ideas that have been percolating for long enough.

What are you planning? What project will you finally dive into this year?

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  1. Barbara K

    Very excited to see your new projects, kits and ideas. I can’t choose a favorite; I like all of them.
    I’m particularly anxiously awaiting a pattern for your large blackbird. I’m on a raven making quest. I’ll keep my eyes on your blog.

  2. I like the botanical pattern idea and the black bird. Last year I made a squirrel and a little owl from your patterns. They turned out great. Your patterns are easy to follow.

  3. So excited for all your patterns and kits. The coat will be a good addition. My goal is to start making some rag dolls. I’m still making more mice now, and love them. So many ideas, so little time. Best of luck to you in the New Year!

  4. Hurray for more patterns! Barbara, in a comment above mentioned a black bird. Is that something you are considering? I vote yes for that along with everything else you mentioned. I value your patterns, they are well written and you make them easy to follow. The videos you add are excellent as well.
    Happy New Year

  5. I have been wanting to do more hand sewing. I am thinking that it will help me thwart some pretty depressed feelings. I have been eyeing the rag doll as my first hand sewing project. Dolls hold a special place in my heart as they were a ginormous comfort to me when I was a little girl.

  6. Simone de Klerk

    Great plans for 2017!
    And hope the virus is out of your system fast!

  7. yes i would love to buy those patterns. waiting for the jacket and botanicals and for the nude doll. love it all. thanks

  8. It all sounds great Ann, the botanical sounds especially wonderful to me! What a beacon of loveliness you and your blog are in an uncertain world 🙂

  9. Georgayne

    Well this is exciting stuff! I will be waiting anxiously for the botanicals. I have admired the photos of yours and wondered how you did them. Actually, I love them all. Be well and enjoy this new year.

  10. I am a flamingo nut, so anxiously await that kit. But, all of them are great.

  11. I like your pattern/kit ideas Ann, and as always I will be first in line for any ePatterns 🙂 Living the heck out in South Africa, ordering something by mail is just impractical.
    Your naked lady is fantastic! She’s on my to-do list. The little reversible jacket is adorable.
    Making dolls and textile items is on my list of priorities, I didn’t have the opportunity to do nearly enough last year.
    Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and creative 2017!

  12. Judy Carlson

    Hello Ann,
    I am very interested in your proposed patterns/ e book on your wonderful botanicals. I think they are amazing!
    Enjoy your snuggle down time and feel better soon. Happy New Year.

  13. Nancy K. Brown

    Just found your work. Love the owls. Lost my mom in June have lots of her material. She loved owls!

  14. I’m working on my first mushroom – happy birthday! -and would love patterns for your botanicals! Your work is so beautiful and beckons one back to more gentile times.

  15. Looking forward to the botanical patterns. Since I first saw your designs I have been hoping you would create patters for us who could not attend the retreats. Thank you ahead of time.

  16. Denise Hingley

    I would love the botanical pattern and the songbirds the patterns I have already are bringing much joy. Thank you

  17. Alicia Ybarra Berry

    Did you ever finished the pattern for the coat for the small doll?? I would like to have it. I have 5 dolls in the making and they would love to have a coat. . I don’t remember seeing the pattern.

    I love the naked doll and it was a very nice pattern to make.


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