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I’ve put together a little collection of things made from my patterns – I love seeing these – beautiful work and tons of imagination. Thanks for sharing your photos!

A dear lamb by Evie Barrow.

evie barrow lamb

A fantastic boat by Alla  (this boat is made from my free boat pattern).

paper mache boat

The paper mache ships below are by Val – she used chalk paint – I love the pale, matte colors.

val's ships

An owl family! So many wonderful details – they are by Mama with a Needle and Thread.

handmade owl family

A magnificent paper mache ship by Kileen.

kileen paper mach ship

A blue wobbler by becky ( she’s my sister- she’s got wobblers in her blood!).

becky wobbler

An elegant wobbler with paper details by Ellen.

ellen's wobbler

Charming cake topper birds by Joan.

cake topper birds by joan

A  whimsical ship by Wendy.

paper mache ship by wendy

And finally boats made by 7th and 8th Graders at Kirbyville Junior High!! So cool and so well photographed – great work. Thanks for sharing them with me Caitlin – such a treat to see.

8th grade boats


  1. thanks for publishing these photos! all are beautiful!!!

  2. Wow those boats by the 7th and 8th graders, totally stole my heart! How wonderful! It must feel amazing to see your ideas spread out into the world and take on a life of their own by all those makers. I loved making the little goat. Thanks for sharing your inspiring world with us x

  3. These are all so wonderful! A great share and thank you!

  4. lovely pictures. Can’t wait to finish my ship and send you a picture.

  5. Threezcharming

    Wonderful pictures, thank you! Have almost every one of your patterns, might be finished by time my kids go to college! Seriously though, if 7th and 8th graders can do it, I will definitely need to find more time to do it too – thank you for a healthy dose of encouragement!

  6. Oh Ann, how much I have loved making my first boat. I am putting links to your blog all over the internet. Also on my personal blog….

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