I’m painting a landscape mural this week working from pictures I took last week upstate at Olana and Clermont. I recomend visiting both, even though it was hot as balls I had a fabulous time. Here is some of the scarey looking underpainting.


This is the first 3 feet or so. The entire painting will be about 8 feet long and 30 inches high. When it’s done and installed I’ll let you know where. Here is the same section with the first of many color layers and a few details begun including some peaceful goats sketched in.


I haven’t painted anything in a long time and I’m way, out of practice and slow. Starting anything, especially large-ish projects and most especially painting, always makes me unreasonably anxious. This one gave me hives. I’m very happy in the middle of things but don’t care so much for the beginning or end.


She is a springtime jolly and she went to Cog and Pearl here in Brooklyn yesterday with some other little birds.


  1. I feel the same way with big projects. Your painting is looking great so far though. Can’t wait to see it completed.

  2. Love the springtime bird with the hat!! and your painting too!! You are so talented!!

  3. Your painting is so beautiful – your lack of recent practice doesn’t show a bit in my opinion. On the contrary, I just love it! And your fine feathered freshly made friend is delightful in those cheery colors!

  4. I thought I couldn’t love you and your work any more than I already do. Then you said “hot as balls,” and my love for you grew tenfold.

  5. Yours is one of my favorite sites to drop by and take a peak. How fun to see that you are also a painter!

  6. Great start to that painting! Are you doing it in oils on canvas, watercolors on paper…? Also, love Annette and her beanie.

  7. I knew there was a reason (other than your insane awesomeness) that I loved you … I, too, say “hot as balls.”



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