dishes and brushes and things

I thought they looked pretty this morning.


My mural is finished and installed at a soon to be open restaurant called Home (20 Cornelia St. between Bleecker and West 4th). If you’re in the West Village you can go say hello to the peaceful goats and have a glass of wine. Here it is being installed.

And the previous day being inspected by the willet before getting packed up to go.



  1. that light filled photo is beautiful! the painting turned out great also – maybe the willet (or other birds) need to visit it when it’s installed – they look good as a 3d addition!

  2. Amazing photo of the brushes…and the mural is beautiful. I don’t want to gush…but I have to. What a gorgeous post!

  3. Cheryl Novy

    You are so very talented. From ships, to birds, owls, goats and cats! I can’t believe the creativity! And don’t forget the mosquitos and paintings too. I am just in awe.

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