indigo owl, the may forest and songbirds

owl made from indigo scraps

I packed up some sewing (including the Sri Threads indigo owl above) this past weekend and headed into the Adirondacks  – it was cold and quiet and wet and lovely.  More and more lately I appreciate a vacation from the interwebs and it was my first walk in the big, wild woods since last year.

a pdf dastardly owl sewing pattern

get the owl sewing pattern

I needed the break  – the air and the quiet badly – my pace has been frantic for weeks – not a very nice thing to do to myself.  I should stop it.  It was perfect- everything there is just waking up – little bits of new green beginning and birds are returning.

the forest in may

You may recall that last year I discovered that Eastern Phoebes collected my little scraps and threads and bits of stuffing for their nest.  I did my little bird friends a solid and left out some extra this time – they liked the wool especially!

phoebe nest

blue grey warbler

songbird sewing pattern

get the songbird sewing pattern

I brought my songbirds to finish and photograph too.  The grey, misty day and evergreens made a perfect backdrop.


sri indigo warbler

  fabric bird sewing pattern



  1. Laurie Sharp

    Hope you enjoyed your rest time. Nature is certainly a nourishing element.

  2. Maureen Willetts

    Thank you for the forest topic, I was in there walking along and breathing the air.
    I have followed you many years now and your work is inspiring. I bought and made the toadstools and they are one of the best things I’ve ever made. I also love your birds and especially the way you use wood for the legs and beak, something I must try.
    I feel now that you have found your soul mates in the little creatures you’ve made, they are a part of yourself.
    I’ve also made 2 of your sailing ships which I’m quite proud of, with reference to you of course.
    Many ,many thanks over the years for your gift to us all. God bless.
    Maureen UK age 75.

  3. Penny Baugh

    Love post! Your birds look so at home. I know what you meant about being out in the forest at this time of the year. We live in North Carolina and are surrounded by woods so each day finds me out and about. Its refreshing and puts my own life into the proper perspective.

  4. Judith Schultz

    Hi from sunny South Africa, I am a 70 yr old with a passion for owls. Already made and sold hundreds in the last 6 years since retirement. Only recently discovered your most fantastic fantastic handmade owls and birds. Teaching myself now as there just are no patterns available. If you could help me a little? Especially with the legs and feet? Hat off to you

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