horse #70 billy


And the haul from the weekend flea market – the roasting pan is huge and spectacular, it’s the best thing I ever got for 5 bucks and that little, mini red table vice is the perfect size, it just fits my work table and does it’s job without getting in the way.


  1. “magnificent” is the perfect word for it and I would never in a million of years have thought I’d say that about a roaster!

    I was just looking back through your archives and noticed a pair of horses back in May where you tied ribbons on for a mane and a tail and that’s just brilliant. I’m teaching my 5 1/2 yr old daughter to sew with the help of Winky Cherry (bless her heart)

    and we’re putting together a unicorn out of pink twill fabric and were going to just sew a yarn mane and tail, but ribbons will absolutely delight my daughter. So, thank you for the idea.

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