fragments : small stitched compositions

I’ve been experimenting with small compositions – making marks and texture with thread, exploring, observing and maybe expanding my vocabulary of stitches. Some are organic feeling marks – spilling out of the botanical things I’ve been working on and some  mix with and echo the meandering stitches of mends and intricate darning I find in garments.  I’m paying attention to my impulses and habits and challenging them – looking for the rules I’ve made for myself but am not always conscious of – the musts and can’ts that get in the way of being truly expressive.  I’m asking myself to be responsive and un-self-conscious – to pick up a thread and follow it.

stitch experiments

stitch experiments

stitch experiment #1

stitch experiment #2

stitch experiment #3

And P. S – regarding tiny rag dolls – thanks for your feedback and the pattern making is well underway – it will be available in the next week or two!

fragments : stitch expeiments


  1. Laura Poulette

    Sweet little compositions- and I appreciate the idea of challenging self made rules…

  2. 4 years ago I started a daily practice of making a small quilted drawing. I threw out all the quilt “rules” and the works had raw edges, clipped threads, and machine stitching with whatever color thread found its way to my machine. I worked by listening, a learned by trusting my intuition. The practice transformed my way of working and it transformed me as an artist, giving me the confidence to share my work and stretch myself each and every day in the studio. I completed 297 quilted drawings that year.

    I look forward to seeing where these lovely pieces will lead you, and if they will affect you as mine did me. Working freely and throwing out the rules is absolutely magical! Enjoy!

  3. Your fragments remind me of a book that’s long been on my wishlist: Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley.

  4. These little stitched pieces are so beautiful, Ann. They really inspire me to start with such pieces again myself. I am a huge fan of Jude Hill ( and India Flint, but I am drawn more to sketching and painting these days….well, I’m going to reconsider. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.

  5. love these..stitching together the fragment, so delicate yet strong, shields…

  6. I love random stitching and random projects — letting the fabric and the stitch take me away to another place. These are beautiful!

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