floating ship in the pines, frida, a blue girl: lovely things made by customers

 I love seeing what you make with ann wood patterns, the details you invent, the stories you create and share. 

made from ann wood patterns

This enchanted paper mache ship is by Tierney Barden. I love it, the image makes me think of Narnia. And More gorgeous ships by  floratwigg and Sharon.


The bed and blue doll are by Melanie. She is creating a whole  world for that mysterious blue tiny doll.

From Melanie: “making this, I thought my heart was going to explode!! “


I so get that feeling and I  love everything about this, the joy in creating it is unmistakable and beautiful.  I’m looking forward to more of that blue doll’s tiny world. Also be sure to checkout her needle book, the brilliance of it can not be contained in a photo – the little book is filled with ideas, imagination and inspiration. Check out this video.

Find the tiny doll pattern here, and the hearth tutorial here.

Darling miniature china made by Carolyn using this paper clay  tutorial.

made with ann wood doll pattern with modifications

Bunnies and laundry!! Created by Rachel. The bodies and clothes are the tiny rag doll pattern and the bunny heads are her own.

And tiny rag doll has had a baby!! The dolls below are also by Rachel.  She used the doll and wardrobe patterns as well as the tiny hat tutorial. That baby is all her. Such beautiful work.

And more dolls with sweet details added – a little lady by @onbaycreek and a birdwatching boy by annette.

mushroom sewing pattern

Perfect little toadstools by Randeen  and Stella and Summer – made from the little mushroom pattern.

owl dewing pattern

Dastardly owls by Erin, Wendy and Joyce.

bird sewing pattern

Gorgeous birds by Suzanne and Yvonne and Deb.

Super sweet and pink! wooly squirrel by Beth  (forest folk pattern).

Hello little pirate! These are all made from the free very nice mice pattern the pirate is by Beth, the little gray mouse is by Bushra and the bunnies are made by Elizabeth – she added the long ears and fluffy tails to the mouse body.

There were so many photos of wonderful creatures and dolls it was overwhelming and difficult to choose. Please checkout  #annwoodhandmade  and  #annwoodpattern  on instagram for more sweet creatures and dolls and marvelous ideas and imaginative details added by the makers.


  1. Suzanne Manning

    These are each & every one of them so amazing. Geez, I feel proud and they’re not even my patterns! Har! So many good ideas and creative mojos in gear here. Inspired by you, Ann. Take a bow!


  2. Aw, thanks for starting my day with such a lovely surprise, and for sharing this celebration of tiny worlds and imaginings. You always inspire!

  3. I look forward to seeing your inspirational posts each week. Your newsletter arrives in my postbox on a Saturday morning and is a lovely start to the day ….. I read it with my early morning cuppa!
    Much appreciated Ann!

  4. Thank you for sharing Ann, it is so exciting to see my little pirate mouse here! And so inspiring to see what other people are creating with your wonderful patterns! Now I want to make tiny beds, tiny plates, a tiny dresser to put the plates on…not enough hours in the day!

  5. This post is such a treat! (aren’t they all?) Been debating about making
    the tiny doll , but after looking at everyone’s wonderful interpretations I’m going to give her a try. Love the results of the mushroom pattern. Thank you for it all Ann.

  6. Margaret Berryman

    Beautiful things, Ann. Thank you so much. These are such gorgeous ideas. Love the dastardly owl!

  7. How exciting to see all the beautiful interpretations, thank you for sharing your work and the work of others inspired by you!!!

  8. Michele Cederquist

    They are all incredible and has left me wishing I was mouse sized. I could sail in the ship in the pines. My favorite place to be. I could stop for teas, hang my clothes and take a nap in a very nice bed. Thank you for sharing!

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