edwardian mosquitos

pale grey edwardian mosquitoMosquitos!  Delicate mosquitos, hand stitched from Edwardian garments. I wonder what she would think, the 19th century girl who floated across  lawns in the gown their wings are made from.  They are mischievous ladies who will bite! But they will be so gentle you won’t feel a thing.  There is a special place in my heart for the less sympathetic creatures – the rats and bats and spiders and who is less loved than mosquitos?

“It is your hateful little trump
You pointed fiend,
Which shakes my sudden blood to hatred of you:
It is your small, high, hateful bugle in my ear.”

The Mosquito

I made 6 – I had a truly marvelous time – completely lost in them for days.  They  are all in the shop  (there are some songbirds too).

ann wood : mosquitos

ann wood : mosquitos

russet edwardian mosquito

green edwardian mosquito


  1. Patricia Q

    Oh, that girl would be delighted! Those are magical mosquitoes as all your critters are! Just simply beautiful!

  2. I never EVER thought I could love a mosquito, then you go and create these little bits of magic!

  3. I am usually a silent lurker to your page. Enjoying your site via your emails. But l just had to come and comment on these. I agree with Jaymie completely. Never did I think I would fall in love with a mosquito, I am allergic to their bites and swell up like a balloon. Have had to go to hospital a couple of times. But you have managed the impossible – yours truly are delicately beautiful little monsters.

  4. Deborah

    They are mesmerizing. If I could afford one I would send it to our governor – it is the state bird of Michigan. LOL

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