cardboard castle #2

I finished my second cardboard castle and it’s in the window at Johnson at 179 Orchard street. There are also some doug rhodehamel style mushrooms and a couple little creatures roaming around. I had lots of fun making it and it was good thinking exercise for my sometimes too buttoned up brain. I took some pictures of it here before we brought it over.

The back of the castle has some little holes you can peek into. I couldn’t really properly photograph what you see inside, there are ghosts at a ball in one, an enchanted horse in another and miss havisham is held prisoner in a tower (her picture didn’t turn out at all).

The castle will be in the window at Johnson until October 31st . Unfortunately this is my last window for Johnson, Mrs. Johnson is closing at the end of the month. I’ll really miss doing her window. I started doing it for fun and it ended up changing my life in interesting and good ways, Thank you MJ.


  1. That is AMAZING! I would love to peak inside that. I can feel the excitement that kids would have!

  2. Oh Ann! This is truly wonderful! I love that you have ‘peek’ holes with images inside!!! Love the mushrooms and wire bats too!

  3. that has to be at least 8 different kinds of awesome. I love cardboard, and castles, and the little peepholes are pure genius.

  4. This is just breathtaking. I love it! I would want it to stay at my house forever 🙂 That must has been so much fun to work on….I love beautiful window displays but this takes the cake, just wondering!

  5. This is like the shoebox with the eyehole in it that we all made as children…but the grand version,

  6. How enchanting! What a wonderful project to do with a child…esp. in the cooler weather! Just incredible! Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. WOW! That is the most amazing thing! Congratulations, it’s beautiful. If I was a singer, I’d love to have a whole film clip featuring your castle. (sadly I’m not though, but it’s a nice thought)

    (p.s. I found you via Emma’s post on Emerald Arts)

  8. Omigosh, I have to figure out how to get into the city and see this window and shop before the store closes…

  9. Fantastic! Brings back fond memories of cardboard creations made by the kids at my Mum’s playgroup years ago. Of course, your creation is in a different league altogether – simple cardboard made into a true artform 🙂

  10. Ann, how talented you are! I found your site by fluke; I’m enchanted with the cardboard castle and your absolutely adorable birds, so I’ve bookmarked you. I had the chance to visit NYC for the first time this summer, and I fell in love with it.

  11. My 7 year old daughter spent the day making a house from Halloween candy boxes. When I stumbled upon your site tonight and showed her your castle, she is enthralled. She says,

    i totally like your castle . it is amazing and awesome.

  12. AMAZING castle. I would love to learn how to do this…you should make a tutorial. I’m featuring this on my blog and pointing at you!!

  13. Dear Ann, your cardboard castle caught my eye thanks to bookhoucraftprojects where I saw it first, months ago from today. It’s such a wonderful project for kids and grownups together.
    I’d like to make a link to your blog on BlogDay2009, and that is tomorrow!
    I hope this is okay with you, thanks so much
    best regards K.

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