1. Eeek!!! Oh, how charming. I’m a new reader and just blown away by your creativity.

  2. oh, theyre so lovely!! and perfect for johnson! will they be there soon? ill have to go down and look! 😀

    and hello btw! i posted one of your adorable birds on my blog…theyre amazing…congrats!

  3. Oh stop it they’re suoer cute in their tweed wool berets ha!! You come i=up with the greatest little touches!

  4. ohhhh I love the colours and the hat. These are my favourites so far! Funny how i’m moving into summer, but most of the craft/illustration blogs I read are featuring scarfs and hats as they’re moving into winter! hehe! Makes me wish i could wrap myself up all cosy…

  5. WOW! I just did a search for other bird-makers and found your…well, masterpieces! They really are gorgeous- I especially like the little clothes on these two and the beautiful fabrics you use. Cute and classy- a tricky combination but you certainly manage it 😀 I’ll be looking out for one on Etsy in the near future.
    Keep up the good work x
    p.s. do you mind if I add a link to this page on my blog?

  6. Dear Ann,
    I have been trying to get your email address so I could send this straight to you but my computer just won’t get it! I was so outraged to hear about your experience with the copying that I wrote a blog on it
    It is at

    But in reading your blog I became very inspired -I think you maybe my American creative twin! I’m a ceramicist and have been recently making pots on bats and fungi! We had a little micro bat flying through our house last summer…. and we live in the subtropics of Australia so fungi, mould and lichen are an everyday occurence! I’d love to get in touch
    Yours Sincerely

  7. Oh, you have been so busy and the birdies are soooooo beautiful!!! I have been a really good girl this year so I am hoping Santa will bring me one of your gorgeous creations ( I have left enough hints). I am sure this is a far better present than a pink kettle!! Keep up the fabulous work, I am off to look at the shop and see if there is anything left. Warmest regards, Linda Lilly Cottage.

  8. these are super adorable. I would love to discuss having some of your stuff in the shiny squirrel. Even one limited edition bird.

  9. wow!! these birds are so cute! I’d like to see them in my window someday.
    Your work is great! I really enjoyed your blog.
    Kisses from Argentina.

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