botanical experiments

I’m working on botanical shapes including some small toadstools – little experiments in color and texture. They are  a numbered series -with signed hand sewn tags with the number and date for each. I’m using mostly Japanese garment fragments (courtesy of Sri Threads)  with rich color and history.

I like the idea of these turning up unexpectedly (as mushrooms sometimes do) on a hook or knob or a drawer pull. I’m also working on others- flower and  seed pod sorts of shapes.  These will be in my shop very soon and next September I’m teaching a class at Squam on making botanical shapes with textiles – you can get more info here.

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  1. donna bargar

    Your creations are soooo inspiring! As an artist, and most of my friends are, we just talk abot you all the time.!!! Just love your birds, they’er the BEST! Thank you for sharing ,Donna Bargar

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