stitch illo – uppercase encyclopedia of inspiration

Janine Vangool (upper case magazine) makes beautiful things. I’m happy to be included in the latest volume of her Encyclopedia of Inspiration series – Stitch-Illo. It’s a collection of artists who tell stories through stitch work.

ann wood : stitch - illo

The stories I tell with the things I make are sometimes very direct –  like little birds who camp and put on plays.

More often I think of them as little mysteries – open ended questions – magical possibilities – ships that might float right in your window like a moth or a bit of dandelion fluff. Creatures whose expression and body language imply a history – a world of their own.

textile art owls

It’s a big book – and there is a huge variety of techniques and of the ways narratives are used by the 46 artists featured.  There are several pages devoted to each and 600 color photos, some of my favorite artists are included- like Adriana Torres.

stitch illo : adriana torres

I’m also discovering beautiful work that’s brand new to me.

stitch illo : julie van wezemael

Find more at uppercase.


  1. Kathy L.

    396, Love the birds camping and Little Red.

  2. 234
    I love your work. It is inspiring, pushing me to be more imaginative.

  3. kimber fenili

    251! I love your work!!! I love your weekly posts!!! xoxo

  4. Kath Cole

    77. Amazing looking book. Will buy anyway.

  5. 189
    Your pieces are so enchanting, your work inspiring!

  6. 444 – I think it’s still available… and thank you 🙂 Love your creations!

  7. Lori Lewis

    I love your work, it’s unique and so inspiring.

    I choose #1

  8. Linda S

    I choose 110! Thank You, Linda S Pewaukee WI

  9. Love your work, wonderful characters with great “personality”.

  10. Elaine Ringgenberg Hartley

    Oh thank you for being so generous!!


  11. Angie Vo

    I posted the second guess because a message popped up that 197 was a duplicate. I’ll go with the one not taken…

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