Bertha Whimsy Emerson

This is Bertha Whimsy Emerson.

She’s maybe, probably, gonna be half of a bride and groom pair. The picture below is taken through the view finder of an old Yashica-A camera that belonged to my mother and hasn’t been used in years and years. It still hasn’t really, the picture was taken with my digital cannon of the image in the view finder of the Yashica. If I wasn’t such a tired bird maker I’d tell you all about it, it’s my new favorite thing to do.

There are pictures of the Johnson Christmas window coming soon. Here’s a little preview.



  1. your ‘through the viewfinde’r photo is perfect, exactly what (i think) those are supposed to look like… and bertha ain’t to shabby either.

  2. I was completely enamored with that photo when I saw it in flickr. Great story about how you took it — and of course, the bird is a triumph!

  3. Can’t wait to see the completed window! My grandfather has a Yashica. He used to take that camera everywhere. Now he’s gone digital, but I can’t blame him.

  4. Oh little Bertha, wouldn’t you like to come and live in sunny California? I promise I would give you lots of lace and jewels for your nest and plenty of vintage pickins for your tummy…

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