army owl

I’m working on a mini version of my owl. Part of the plan was to simplify him a little but I don’t think that’s going to happen.


I’m making him from a quilt I got at the fleamarket here in Park Slope a couple weeks ago ( I’ve been getting tons of good stuff lately and will post more soon). The nice lady I bought the quilt from said it’s made from WW1 army blankets. It has a beautiful indigo edge that I’m using for his legs and wing linings and probably his beak. I love the colors of the quilt and the check pattern; it is all hand sewn and must have been an immense amount of work. I didn’t buy it with the intention of taking it apart and would not be ( I feel a little badly about doing it) but it has some issues that make it unusable as a quilt.

Thanks very much to everyone who commented and offered advise on the bird rip-off post. I’ll let you know what, if anything, happens and I’ll probably have a tiny bit more to say about the situation in a little while – if you visit here regularly you know that that’s pretty much the most I’ve had to say about anything ever and it kind of wore me out. There is also a lot going on in my terrarium and I’ll be sharing that as well as the date of the long overdue shop update that I am working furiously towards later this week.


  1. He is so cute!! And I love that he’s made from old Army blankets! 🙂

    I hope everything about the bird rip-off ends well for you. It has been on my mind lately and I’ve been wondering how its going. Sending good wishes your way…

  2. just like one of the commentors said, folks without original ideas will not be able to come up with such fantastic creations, like this owl-in-progress.

  3. The army owl is adorable. I love the indigo blue legs – they make me smile. And just imagine the special vibe that owl will have with all the history in the fabric! Magical!

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