very little bunny

little bunnyUpdate  – find the sewing pattern right here.

I love his littleness – he is just 3 and 1/2 inches tall and would be very cozy in someone’s pocket. I’ve been working on a sewing pattern for a basic forest creature body for weeks without success. I wanted it to be very little, detailed but not fussy and easy to make. After a bazillion drafts and failures I’m satisfied, very happy with this little fellow, and ready to dive into shooting the steps.  The pattern will also have little modifications to make a squirrel, and maybe some other pocket sized  little forest folk.

little woolen bunny

so long little bunny

So long little bunny! Check back for the pattern next week-ish or hop on the mailing list if you’d like an email when it’s ready to go.


  1. He is perfect! I love him so much (I’m almost crying) and can’t wait for the pattern. I want to fill my life with tiny bunnies <3

  2. Ann, I can’t wait for this pattern! I have purchase all of yours and am very excited about this one. I especially like the idea of using the same basic pattern to make several different animals. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

  3. Ann,
    He’s WONDERFUL! I, too, am excited for the pattern.

  4. I love this bunny!! Although with all that tweed I want to put a bowtie on him…and maybe a shirt collar! And how precious would he be made in soft fleece….I like your idea for making a variety of little animals, just saw in an e-mail about Quilt Market (from Martingale) that woodland creatures are still “BIG”

  5. You always bring such whimsy and joy to your creatures. I love every single one of them.

  6. I am in love with this bunny!! Can’t wait!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  7. Count me in for this pattern too. I have always been drawn to bunnies and the size is wonderful. Love your work Ann.

  8. OOO, Cannot wait for the pattern! so adorable! And would make a VERY special xmas ornament/decoration

  9. Such a delightful size, and so many choices of fabric could be used. Can’t wait for your pattern. You are so clever and creative, it is always a nice surprise to see what you will think of next. I have a family of bunnies that live under my little outdoor studio, (shed), so I know they will enjoy having new friends. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your imagination. Barbara L.

  10. I will be buying this pattern for sure – he is adorable :-). Thanks Ann, love your little creatures

  11. I dearly love him. Being in a ‘make it small’ mode these days I can’t wait to get my hands on the pattern *smile*.

  12. Ann,
    Every time I open my email inbox I am hoping for a notice that this little bunny (and friends) pattern is up for sale. I love him so! This is not to add pressure, just to let you know how very right you got this little darling! That all the drafts and failures were so worth it. May you enjoy a day filled with peace and joy.

  13. Mandy Crawley

    Adorable, I think his pattern will be my next purchase!!

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