a story of foxes

peaceful fox

Sun showers and foxes and secret forest weddings  – I loved this project.

I spent the better part of the autumn working on something special with Fortuny to help introduce its first new fabric collection in more than two years. The collection plays with the idea of what is seen and unseen and draws inspiration from Japanese folklore of “The Fox’s Wedding”. The legend is that foxes marry in secret in the forest and only during a sun shower – far from prying human eyes.

the fox's wedding

From Fortuny’s creative director Mickey Riad:

“We decided upon the theme of ‘The Fox’s Wedding’ as we were playing around with halftones and production techniques,” “The way a sun shower can fool what your eye sees, Japanese legend attributes this phenomenon to foxes that often play tricks on humans. The idea that the new collection plays tricks on the eye fit perfectly with that theme, in addition to the pattern and color choices that were inspired by Japanese art and textiles. ”

fortuny foxes

The collection is being introduced in Paris today. Three foxes traveled to Paris for the occasion, another two will leave for Venice this week and two will remain in NYC at the Fortuny Showroom.

fortuny fox

For the past few weeks I’ve lived with fox companions and it’s a little sad to let them go – they so inhabited this place.

fox visitor


fortuny fox



  1. I love these! Thy remind me of the first dream from Kurosawa’s Dreams, which is the movie he did based on dreams throughout his life. The first one was about a boy who sees a Fox Wedding. These have the same feeling. You do such lovely work.

    • Thanks Nancy! I love the idea of secret fox weddings and yes the incredible atmosphere of that film was a big influence.

    • Patricia Canaday

      How wonderful to find you Nancy and Ann… two kindred spirits who also love Kurosawa, subtle fabrics that tell elegant stories, and the woodland creatures that so occupy our worlds.

      I live in rural New Hampshire on 9 acres and have daily visitations from crows, squirrels, bluejays, wild turkeys, rabbits, foxes, and deer. They are the delights of my heart and my artistic inspiration.

      Thank you, Ann, for sharing your remarkable work and thank you, Nancy, for reminding me of Kurosawa’s Dreams. I plan to get out my personal copy of the film today and enjoy it while working in my studio.

      Kindest Regards,

  2. amazing!!! also the idea and story.
    wanted also to say thanks for your last post.
    I learnt a lot about myself and got great ideas from you.

    • That makes me happy Tami – we all struggle with a lot of the same stuff I think.

  3. How utterly & completely wonder-filled !
    And no doubt about it …. you are a genius.
    Didn’t think I could like any of your work as much as the owls, but you have
    proven me wrong.

    FABULOUS, every bit of it.

  4. What an amazing bunch this is !!!

    You have done a wonderful job creating these foxes.
    It must have been so special (and joyful) to work with these beautiful fabrics !

    (Mmmmm : the fox is my spirit animal 😉 )

  5. Thank you! It was such fun to work on – foxes are so mysterious. Coincidentally I saw a real fox in the forest for the very first time just about a week before this project turned up!

  6. Congratulations. Marvellous are the foxes and such beautiful photographs. I would be a little heart broken myself if such beautiful creatures were to leave my home.

  7. Oh my I can see how they “so inhabited” your place. You made them alive and I’m sure part of you is in each one, you must know them intimately. What beauty you create!

  8. Love the fabric and the foxes – I predict their show will go very well!!

  9. I first fell in love with your sweet birds and watched you try new things over the year. The Fortuney foxed are magical in the fortune kimono’s! They are lovely. I am sure it was fun getting to work with such wonderful fabric as well as Fortuney is another favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  10. Oooh, this are so good they give me the shivers. So fantastic!

  11. Simply divine. These foxes are so majestic & at the same time, woodsy. And magical. Well done, Ann, and — as always — thanks for sharing your process with us!

  12. Yes they truly are fantastic Ann! How proud you must be of yourself right now with also the article in Victoria magazine! and so you should of course.
    I’m so loving the idea of secret fox weddings and the fabrics are beautiful. Being the size they look in the pics, I’m not surprised you’re missing them now! Could you not make yourself one or two…..when you get the time that is! 😉

  13. These are truly wonderful Ann. Your work reminds me of another artist in Brittain. But you made those foxes come alive… And fabric combos are terrific. How did you shoot the Forrest scene? Was that a stage?
    Will we be seeing this in editorial spread, say in World of Interiors?

  14. Threezcharming

    Congratulations on your beautiful and charming collection of foxes! Wonderful images – you’ve captured the magic and elegance of the mystical occasion! Thank you for sharing your art with us!

  15. Herhimnbryn

    I opened the page and oh, how I caught my breath. Such beautiful creatures, brought to life by your imaginings and artistic hands.

  16. Your foxen are magical! Their poses are so natural and enchanting. The whole concept is simply beautiful.

  17. I Love them!! Love the fabric and the way that you put the different fabrics together. Amazing!

  18. Ann, I always love your work, you are such an incredible artist. I have made many of your sailboats both the big ones and the ornaments. There is something so peaceful about them! Is there any chance you will publish a pattern for your foxes and their kimonos? They are incredible!! Thank you for sharing your magic with the rest of us.

  19. Foxes, sun showers, and secret forest weddings — you were the perfect artist to make these ideas come to life. Your foxes are wonderful and seeing them and reading their story makes my heart so happy!

  20. It was so amazing to be able to take Sewn Botanicals with you at the Makerie this past weekend and view your foxes on your phone. I’ve been pouring through your blog since my return and the foxes in kimonos are even more magnificent on my bigger screen. Thank you for making the world a better place through your art, dear Ann!

  21. Fabulous I love them, and would love to buy the pattern if available.
    Thanks Louise

  22. Constance

    Stunning work!——- Bravo!! Adore your style and attention to detail.

  23. Julia Marquard

    I found this post now,in the year 2019 and I felt in love with the foxes.They are so beautiful.
    Is the pattern available?Iwant to buy it.I live in Germany.
    So many greatingsJulia

  24. Michele

    Hi Ann

    I see you made these wonderful foxes in 2015? And you’re sending this out in your weekly newsletter. Are you going to sell your pattern for these foxes? They are absolutely gorgeous.

    Many thanks for sharing.

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