a mysterious well

the old well – pencil drawing

I loved the places that were home to lot’s of little creatures – the swamps, streams, stone foundations and this old well at the edge of Hennessy’s Grove. If  you were still and  looked long enough you were likely to see a salamander tail slipping into a crack or a garter snake poke out of a crevice. It had a heavy cover on it  and I don’t think I ever saw inside but I loved wondering what it might be like,  imagining driping and plinking echoing in the magnificent depth and strange  pale creatures living in the dark, wet murk.


  1. Judith - Texas

    When my family visited the old homestead in East Texas, the old well was workable. Daddy used to open the top lid for us kids to peek inside – damp, mysterious and it smelled of Earth/a little moldy. The farm was sold many years ago; wonder if the ole well is still there? Thanks for the beautiful drawing and the jolt of my memory.

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