a fortuny ragdoll, a little brown owl goes to sea and new things in the shop

hand stitched owl

I like this little fellow – amazing what turning buttons a little can do for an expression.
I’ve made him a boat and he is going to sea alone – perfect for him – he seems pretty bossy.

owl and sailboat

He is made from the small size of my little owl pattern and the boat is made from this pattern (both patterns are on sale for subscribers through the July 4th holiday – you can sign up here if you like– you’ll get the code shortly after).

owl and sailboat

I’m making more over the weekend. I want to bring a couple to the Squam Retreat with me in September. I’ll be at the art fair on September 16th with sewing patterns and art work and some surprises. I hope you’ll come say hi. It will be only the third time I’ve done this sort of thing in the 11 years I’ve been in business – I am generally pretty hermity. But it’s the last year for the retreat and the art fair and the first time I have print patterns to sell (there are more on the way – I’m drawing the mushroom pattern illustrations now) so I am showing up. I will kind of dread it for the next couple months and then end up having a good time, proving my wise mother right again – her advice around anxiety producing situations was always “ You’ll be fine once you get there”.

fortuny ragdoll : josephine

And please meet Josephine and some curious birds. Her dress and silver slippers are made from Fortuny and she has Edwardian lace unmentionables.

fortuny ragdoll : josephine

teal nuthatch : stitched songbird

stitched songbirds

Have a lovely long weekend – I’ll be here – making lots of things.


  1. I’ll be at Squam too and we’ll both be fine.

  2. It is good to hear that others also suffer from the anxiety of going somewhere and putting yourself out there. I feel the same way. It is like pulling teeth for me to go somewhere, but once I’m there, all is well.

  3. Earlene Williams

    I enjoy your blog more every week.

  4. I love Josephine’s serenity…I had a great Aunt named Josephine, who shared my birth day. She was a teacher, and had the same kind of serenity.

    If your owl is to sail away, doesn’t he need a pussycat to accompany him???



  5. Jane Miller

    Love your work so much! Will there be a pattern to buy for Josephine? She is beautiful!

    Have a great week!


  6. I would love to purchase the rag doll pattern. Is it available?

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